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Bathroom Interior Design Ideas – Designing your Bathroom

Bathroom Interior Design Ideas - Designing your Bathroom

Designing your bathroom is to utilize its space in the best way and to divide the available space among the functional areas according to the importance of each area. For example, some people consider their bathroom as a retreat; so, it needs to include a special seating area, while others enjoy taking shower; so, their bathtub needs to be larger. ... Read More »

Bathroom Lighting – Choose the proper Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Lighting - Choose the proper Bathroom Lighting

How can you choose the proper bathroom lighting? As you probably already know, lighting in any room is a vital part of decorating and a crucial decision to make as well. However, lighting a bathroom is often overlooked and this could lead to different ends whether it is too much lighting or low lighting. In any room including bathrooms, experts ... Read More »

Asian Bathroom Designs – Asian Theme

Asian Bathroom Designs - Asian Theme

Do you want a four-star hotel’s bathroom in your house? The functional and beautiful Asian bathroom will achieve this task giving you an ultimate relaxation for both of your body and mind. The Asian theme depends on the natural elements in a modern way to result in an aesthetic and relaxing environment into your bathroom. Your Asian bathroom’s units can ... Read More »

Bathroom Color Designs

Bathroom Color Designs

Defining the mood and look of your bathroom depends mainly on the combination of colors used there. You may want to create a special retreat in your bathroom to relief your soul from the burdens of life; thus, you can paint this room your favorite color regardless the colors and designs used at the rest of your home. Otherwise, your ... Read More »

Tips for Designing your Bathroom

Tips for Designing your Bathroom

Bathrooms are used these days for different additional functions, such as reading magazines, watching TV, taking a warm soak in your tub in a romantic mood, and storing your exercise equipment. If you need to add new functions or ideas to your bathroom, you can design it yourself installing your new ideas and removing the old and invalid items. Designing ... Read More »

Accent your bathroom with designer accessories!

Accent bathroom designer accessories!

When you start renovating your decorations, it could mean a lot stressing certain spaces in your house with what is called accent designs or designer accessories. Some like to stress the bedroom others stress the living room. However, what we are aiming to stress in this article is no other than the bathroom. It actually depends on the importance you ... Read More »

7 Tips for a Perfect Bathroom – Bathroom Workbook

Tips for a Perfect Bathroom – Bathroom Workbook

Following are our top tips for designing and maintaining the elegance of, “the most trafficked room in your house” in the best possible manner. The Lavatory: One of the most common mistakes is placing the toilet near the bathroom door, thus making it the first thing to see when you enter and making it visible from adjacent rooms. Try placing ... Read More »

How to Choose the Ideal Bathroom Curtains

How to Choose the Ideal Bathroom Curtains

As far as we know, curtains are what usually make the overall look in the bathroom. They are the first thing your eyes notice when entering the bathroom, and that’s why they are the perfect focal point you can get to build other decorations and accessories around. Also, if you chose a neutral color for walls and floors, then you’d ... Read More »

5 Big Design Ideas for a Small Bathroom

Design Ideas for a Small Bathroom

Whether you’re designing a new bathroom or renovating your old one, these following ideas will help you utilize the available space perfectly and turn your bathroom into a relaxing cozy, yet spacious, retreat without pulling down any walls. Idea #1 The theory of not using dark colors in small spaces isn’t entirely right. Some of your favorite dark hues will ... Read More »

Bathroom Floor Designs – Floor Tiles

Bathroom Floor Designs - Floor Tiles

The floor of your bathroom is the first item that attracts the attention, contrary to any other room where the floor is covered by a beautiful rug or carpet. So, you should choose a well-designed floor to add more beauty and function to your bathroom. Here are a few floor designs to help you choose the best look of your ... Read More »

The Different Designs of the Shower Curtains

Designs of the Shower Curtains

The shower curtain is an essential part of your bathroom that could be used for functional and decorative purposes. This kind of curtains can easily alter the look of your bathroom along with matching hooks and towels. That’s because shower curtains come with different designs, styles, colors, and materials. The traditional shower curtains consist of one shower enclosure that allows ... Read More »

Bathroom curtains designs – curtains favourite

Bathroom curtains designs

Bathroom curtains designs for you and your kids, Remodeling your bathroom is a great decision and choosing a bathroom curtain is yet a greater one. Why is it so big a decision? Because simply they either complement the overall look and theme of your bathroom or raise exclamation marks about your choice. Show off your taste and your vision by ... Read More »

Bathroom Shower Curtains – Original Decorating Ideas

Bathroom Shower Curtains – Original Decorating Ideas

More often than not, a shower curtain can dramatically change the dynamics of your bathroom. Whether you install one that adeptly matches your bathroom’s colors or go for a more offbeat choice, it’s the quickest and easiest way to enhance charm and beauty of the whole setting. All it takes is for you to adjust a spring loaded rod between ... Read More »

Bathroom Curtains – Cute Shower Curtains

Bathroom Curtains - Cute Shower Curtains

Your bathroom’s shower curtain is an efficient way to provide you some privacy, block the water in a certain area, and decorate your bathroom. You will not believe how beautiful it will be when this curtain becomes the base of decorating your bathroom. You will find all of the patterns and designs that will suit every member in your family. ... Read More »

Perfect Contemporary Bathroom ideas

Perfect Contemporary Bathroom ideas

Bright, Clean and Relaxing,A hot shower in an elegant bathroom can be more than enough to relieve the stress after a hectic day. That may explain why a perfect bathroom is on the wish list of many people. If you have the same wish, and you need to design a contemporary relaxing bathroom, then have a look at these inspiring ... Read More »

Bathroom Theme – Bathroom Decorating Tips

Bathroom Theme - Bathroom Decorating Tips

Your bathroom is a special part of your home that could enhance the elegant and charming look of your home. Decorating this part depends on your budget, the main theme of your home decoration, and your bathroom’s size. You can choose any color, design, and material to decorate your bathroom with, but ensure that you will have a coordinated bathroom ... Read More »

Durable and Decorative Tiles for Bathrooms

Durable and Decorative Tiles for Bathrooms

Bathroom’s floor needs more consideration than any other floor at your home because it is exposed to constant water flow. This means that it can easily generate insects and bacteria in any small crack. In addition, it is a place where you can easily slip. So, you will need to give more attention to the selection and installation of your ... Read More »

Designing Bathroom on a Budget

Designing Bathroom on a Budget

Considering bathroom as a traditional and neglected piece of your home, because of its expensive costs, becomes a past. Here are few tips to remodel the look of bathroom’s tiles, walls, hardware fixtures, ceiling, and lighting according to your budget. Only some creativity and well-considered plans would turn your bath to a brand-new room. The first place to look at ... Read More »

Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

ou can easily decorate your bathroom wall with some techniques. For making the process a lot smoother, we offer you some adorable ideas for your bathroom wall decor: To grant your bathroom wall an artistic touch, go for stencils as you can choose from scroll designs to animals, flowers and letters. Apply various shades by layering colors to add dimensions ... Read More »

Innovative Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Innovative Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Ignite your creativity through some innovative bathroom decorating ideas. The bathroom is the most neglected place in many homes. Therefore, don’t let your bathroom seems dark, tacky and outdated. We will teach you how to redecorate your bathroom, just follow the next innovative bathroom decorating ideas: First thing to consider is to determine what your level of budget is for ... Read More »

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