Interior Design 4

2016 Interior Design “color, design, light” inspirations that spice up your home look

Every new coming year has its own trends and a new approach to change the life into a beautiful way and make a visual statement about its presence. That’s why every new year the designers compete against each other for inventing the best and give the homeowner a beautiful and functional trend that satisfies every taste, need and character.

In this article, we aim to surprise you of the new incredible approach of 2016 interior design. Let’s begin with the materials that will begin to appear and enhance the home beauty and functionality. The 2016 interior design material will add luxurious look and functionality as well.

In 2016, we will say bye-bye copper and welcome brass and gold as the dominated metals. Natural fabrics are the new trend to bring the appealing look and functional use. What about the new colors that begin to arise to spice up 2016 interior design world. The new tendency is now toward rich, dark and warm color hue with a combination of neutral colors.

In 2016, you will be able to combine more than two colors together to decorate the area, one as a basic color, another one to contrast and the third one to add a pop of color inside and feel the happiness of colors. Black and white scheme is a combination that never fades away and can be combined with almost every color.

The colors that will be popular in 2016 are deep reds, elegant blues, dusty pinks, Stunning Yellows, gray shades, brown shades and more. these colors that can be combined together and in addition to other third hue or colors as preferred. Patterns are also inspired from nature; jungle inspirations like Palm prints, flowers, exotic fauna, animal patterns and so on. While the overall designs need to be with clean lines, significant decorative elements and clutter-free.

Finally, light features for 2016 designs have massive choices but metal light fixtures are preferred. Besides, the light system should consist of basic illuminations, task light, and decorative & mood fixtures. You will be really amazed at the huge variety available in 2016 design world to enhance your home beauty.