25 Creative Ways to Reuse an Old Photo Frame

The old photo frames may clutter your home or consume a considerable space in your precious available space. Instead, it will be a great idea to paint the frame a suitable color to your home décor and use it as a functional or decorative piece.

After fixing the defects of your old photo frame and giving it a new splash of color, you can utilize the frame as a functional piece as per its size and your needs. For example, the large frame can serve as a decorative headboard frame.

You can fill such frame with a similar colored wooden panel or upholstered filling. The smaller frame with a decorative wooden panel can serve as a dessert tray or a small side table surface. Using special hooks or strings, you can use the old photo frame as a key holder, an accessible storage space for the useful menus and invitations, and a sunglass holder.

Instead of holding just one photo, you can reuse your old photo frame as a stunning decorative element. For example, it can display a unique collection of dried flowers, small pictures, or jewelry. In your outdoor patio, it will be a great idea to create a framed succulent or a hanging flower basket stand using your old photo frame. Instead, you can use such a frame along with chicken wire to create a vertical garden.

If you have a collection of old photo frames, you can create perfect wall shelves or even bookshelves to store or display your stuff or books. Instead, they can serve as jewelry drawers, towel racks, chalkboards, message boards, bathroom wall organizers, ceiling medallions, hair bow organizers, vertical chess sets, erase boards, ribbon holders, desk and countertop organizers, drying racks, andmini greenhouse ceilings.

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