4 Creative Shared Kids Room Design Ideas to Give Them Privacy

Having more than a child in the same age or in different ages will give you a chance to adjust the design of your existing kids’room. The main criteria in such a room are the privacy and amusement taking into consideration the age and gender of your kids. Here are a few design ideas to the shared designs that may give you inspiration to your dream kids’ room.

Creating privacy in your shared kids’ room will depend on the size of the room in addition to their ages. If you have a large space, you can create a private space for every one’s bed and closet at the corners of the room. At the middle, they can play and enjoy their time together along the day. If they are a boy and a girl, you can decorate every part of the room with different theme to give your children their private personalities.

You can still create a creative shared kids room even if you have a small room. The mobile elevator bed will be able to create a private area for your kid saving more space into the room. During the day, your kid can press one button to raise the bed toward the ceiling to find a suitable space to play or store his belongings at the place of the bed. This funny bed will add an amusing and stylish look to your kids’ shared room.

If you have two little girls, the doll house or Disney castle ideas will be the perfect options. Such ideas will enable every one of them to have herlittle room that includes a bed, a storage closet or cabinet, and a small play area. If they are boys, the auto-mechanic car bedroom set will give them a complete set including beds, dressers, lamps, and carpets to feel as if they are living in their private cars.

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