4 Decorative TV Stand Design Ideas

The modern and ultramodern homes have sleek look and relaxing feel and every piece of furniture enhances that look. One of such pieces of furniture is the TV stand that can be placed in the living room, bedroom, or even kitchen. You can find different designs of these stands to match your home style and the location it will be placed in.

The rotating TV stand becomes a popular option as it can be adjusted to the height and direction you need. This stand is made of a circular base and a metallic rod to allow the flat TV to rotate. Using one stress on the button, you can adjust the TV to give you the best view. This stand will be more practical in the multifunctional rooms such as your living room and kitchen as you can give your guests a chance to watch TV and adjust its direction to your workspace when you are alone.

If you have a car themed room, the real auto TV stand will enhance your theme giving the place a decorative look. Such a stand is made of real car pieces to hold up to 42-inch TV. The stand has its own audio and lighting systems to increase the entertaining mood in the room.Thebicycle-fused flatscreenstand will be a great decorative option; especially in your boy’s bedroom and the small apartments as it can be easily moved. The stand consists of a bicycle wheel from one side and a bicycle front part from the other.

If your family members have different preferences, you can purchase two televisions to please the two parties and place them on a double-decker TV stand. Such a stand will keep your televisions with their attachments neatly to give your home a unified look.