4 Great Ideas for Remodeling Small Bathrooms

Only some lucky few of us afford to live in big houses. The majority of people live in small apartments with small rooms and bathrooms. You will usually find that those people have problems decorating their small bathrooms, or complain about their being small and crowded. We will show you here a few great tricks that will help you increase space in your bathroom and make them seem larger.

1- Avoid visual clutter. Clutter is the most important reason why a certain place looks messy and crowded. You –off course- would not want that in a small bathroom. Therefore, you need to reduce the elements that cause this clutter. Do not crowd your bathroom shelves with soaps, medicines and shampoos. Put them away in your bathroom cabinet. You should also avoid tiles with heavy patterns.

2- Use mirrors. Mirrors give you the feeling of a big space which is necessary in a small bathroom. They also reflect light which will also make your bathroom look larger. So use a big bathroom mirror or even more to make your tiny bathroom look bigger.

3- Strong lighting is necessary. Well-lit places tend to look bigger than dark ones. So open your bathroom window to get enough natural light to make your bathroom look bigger. However, if your bathroom does not get enough light, make sure you use strong lighting appliances to make your bathroom look bigger.

4- Use light and bright colors. Light colors like white, cream and yellow will help at reflecting the light thus making your bathroom look bigger. So use light colored tiles and fixtures to make your bathroom seem bigger. Make sure you clean them gradually because they stain easily.

These were just a few ideas of what you could do to make a small bathroom look bigger. By using them, you will discover other tricks that can help at making your bathroom look more spacious.