5 Amazing Futuristic Furniture to Keep your Home Up-to-date

Keeping your home up-to-date may be a challenging task because the designers develop their modern designs every day. Purchasing the futuristic furniture will keep your home modern and cool whenever you change the d├ęcor or style of your home. These futuristic furniture pieces are unique in their shape and function alike.

The mechanized dining table is one of the most interesting futuristic furniture pieces because it has an impressive look and will save your space at the same time. The table is made of glass and has motorized gears to let it extend to the length you need with only one push of button. You can place the table anywhere because it works by battery and remote control to let you astonish your guests. The prototype table is another futuristic design that has LE lights and multimedia entertaining system to keep your guests interested and amused all the time.

The futuristic furniture of your bedroom should help you relax and give the place an imaginative look. Actually, the coconut bed has weightless mattress to help you feel as if you are floating in the space in addition to the water bed sounds and lights. You can keep your home up-to-date using the high fidelity canopy that will give you a multimedia system, HD projector, blinds that is automatically closed, and reading lamp. The most interesting idea about this bed is that you can control these items using your body movement on the bed.

The futuristic seating area will give your home a unique look. For example, you can purchase a stylish sofa with stainless steel frame and control panel to control the electronic items in the room. Similarly,the metallic orbital chair will let you sit comfortably and change the visual look in the room to geometrical shapes and metallic colors to change the decor of the room in a few seconds.

Pics Via : oddee

Pics Via : onekindesign