5 Crafty Must-Have Limited-Budget Ideas to Steal for Your Place


Decorating your place is always tricky. You are faced with many obstacles. You have to pick something that fits your apartment size and colors. It has to be pretty and you have to like it. You also need it to be the best choice within your budget limits. Moreover you will be faced with a vast variety to choose from. Therefore, it is necessary to learn some good ideas that will help you narrow down your choices.
1- Gallery shelves are a neat idea for displaying decorations. Who said shelves are just for storage? Prove them wrong and place your framed photos, potted indoor plants, glass decorations, framed needlework and any other decoration item you can think of above floating shelves.
2- “Treat” your windows yourself. When you buy curtains for your windows, you might be limited by your budget to purchase something “plain”. You do not have to do that. Lessen the curtains expenses and get a lovely piece of fabric and turn it into a beautiful curtain.
3- Add your own flavor to your ornaments and accessories. You can get the plainest tray or plastic container ever and make a gorgeous piece out of it using stencil art, decobaj art or a glue gun and some beads or marbles.
4- Think out of the box. If you do not have a certain piece of furniture and you cannot afford to have it then make it. Few secured together benches make many things, like stylish sofas, coffee tables, desks, kitchen islands. If you do not have enough storage space on the ground then look for some on your walls and install shelves and high cabinets.
5- Use fluffy magic! What I mean here is, use pillows and cushions. They have a boundless variety of shapes and colors. They make any bed, sofa, and chair look good. They are even easy to make yourself. You cut old pieces of fabric and die them or spray them with the colors you want then sew them into the shape you want and then fill them with foam filling.