5 Creative Ideas to Increase the Functionality of your Small Kitchen

Do you need an organized and functional kitchen but have small space? This will not be a problem anymore as you can use creative ideas when designing and decorating your kitchen to increase its free space and keep your kitchen items organized.

The stainless steel backsplash shelf is a perfect option for your kitchen. It will enable you to utilize such unused space to house the regularly used items when preparing your food. Such a shelf can free up your countertop to find a clear and inviting workspace and may come with a wooden knife block that can house 12 knives. The reflective backsplash will give your kitchen an illusion of a spacious look and you can place decorative dishes on the two ends of the shelf to set the focal point of the place.

You can free more space in your kitchen using the hidden storage shelves that can be installed in the corners and can come out automatically. It is possible to customize such shelves but they come with fixed sizes and stainless steel edges to let you store your dishes, tiny utensils or even dry food. The drawers with organizers will be magical parts in your kitchen. You can adjust the dividers to suit any kind of utensils or spice containers according to your needs. You can even begin a DIY project to create such drawers using dividers made of wood or rust resistant metal.

The way of decorating your kitchen should give the space a spacious look to let you feel relaxed when cooking. For example, the simple architectural designs in your ceiling will direct the eye upward giving your visitors an illusion of a spacious look. The stainless steel appliances, unified light colors, and the diagonal floor tiles will enhance such a spacious look.

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