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5 Fantastic Computer Inspired Furnishings for your Kid’s Room

If you have a kid who is fascinate with video games and computer, you can design a computer themed room. Such a room will let your kid spend more time inside his room learning more and acquiring more experiences from his parents. This article will provide you a few ideas about the furniture you can use to enhance the theme of such a room.

The mouse pointer table is a funny piece of furniture that looks like the mouse cursor. You can design such a table yourself with the size and color that will match your kid’s needs and room space. You can add a one less stand to the room as it will include the additional accessories and keep your kid’s room organized. To add more relaxing feel to your kid’s room, you can add a sonic chair that will provide your kid with an audio set while having fun or studying before his computer.

The 8-bit hanger is another funny computer inspired item that can greatly enhance the theme of your kid’s room. You can add several hangers on the wall, behind the door or inside his closet to serve as a functional and decorative piece. Such a piece is usually made of acrylic on the shape of the mouse hand and come with attached screw to be hanged anywhere. Actually, this piece will connect the past of the computer technology with its future and can create a balance look at any room.

You can complete the look of the room using decorative shapes such as a keyboard-looking carpet and a computer screen headboard to give the room a unified look. This way, your kid will be more interested with the technological progress in the field of technological devices and appliances.

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