5 Fantastic Modern Storage Furniture

The elegant and practical storage furniture will easily blend with your modern home design as it should be made of durable materials and fantastic finishes. Such furniture pieces come with different internal and external designsand colors to go with your home design.

The alphabet furniture will be a great choice as a storage space in your kids’ room as you can choose their favorite letters, the letters constructing their favorite word,or the letters that have the right angles for their storage needs. You can utilize such furniture even in your bedroom or living room with different sizes to serve as a bookcase or closet. The stitched furniture pieces are made of wood and integrated with soft knitted materials between every two wooden pieces to give you the ability to extend the piece according to your storage needs giving your place a dramatic look.

The Rope-shelf will be a great addition to your home as it will give any room an artistic look because of its diagonal surface in addition to its practical function as a storage space. Another fantastic storage piece of furniture that can be added to your living room is the cord concealing console that has holes on the surface with slots to let the wires and cables of your different gadgets run through them with a plenty space inside for a multi-outlet power stripto give the place a clean look.

The transformable flexible furniture pieces can be a perfect storage spaces in your modern home. Such furniture pieces can be turned from desks with storage spaces to eating surfaces or from a bed to lounge chair or arm chair. Some of the transformable furniture use high technical ways to give you the storage space according to your needs without taking large spaces.