5 Functional Modern Bathroom Accessories

Turning your bathroom to a functional and organized sanctuary will depend on the functional accessories you choose and the arrangement of your place. Your modern bathroom, in particular, will need technological additions to increase its functional and aesthetic look at the same time.

Your modern bathroom may need a dryer to replace the towels and create uncluttered look in the place. The portable B-dryer can be used for the whole body and work exactly like the hair and hand dryers, as you can choose the temperature degree according to your own comfort. This hygienic functional accessory will kill the microbes and dry your body in a short time. The gigantic personal dryer will let you stand in a certain place and your body will be dry in a few seconds.

The waterproofed accessories will give you more comfortable and enjoying times spent in your bathroom. For example, you can install an anti-fogging shower mirror has a unique design to let you remove your make up or masks while taking your shower. The mirror has a base with a container of hot water to keep the mirror clean and reflective all the time.You can hang the mirror according to your length and position as it can stick to the wet walls using its silicone backing. If you prefer to read a book while you are in the bathtub or the shower area, the waterproof book bag that is made of durable plastic will be perfect for this task.

The heat sensitive bathroom tiles will give the place an incredibly aesthetic look and will protect you from the very cold or hot water. The color of the tiles can change according to the temperature degree of the water. The tiles are made of black glass to give the place a sleek look when the water is turned off.