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5 Luxurious and Unique Bathtub Design Ideas

Your bathtub is the place where you get rid of the stress and burdens of life after a long day spent outside your lovely home. Such bathtub should be designed to match the décor and color of your home giving you the utmost level of relaxation at the same time. Here are a few ideas to inspire you to get your dream bathtub.

The unique and luxurious magic carpet bathtub will give you an interesting bathing experience because it includes dips and grooves to fit exactly your body and let you lay back and stretch your arms comfortably. The foldable bathtub will let you fold it down when it is not used. When you need that bathtub, it will extend according to the amount of money poured into it to save your space and water as it is made of foam rubber.

The transforming bathtub will enable you to enjoy bathing in a bathtub or a shower area using one fixture. Such a bathtub looks like the orange peel as you can lift the lips of your bathtub to turn its faucet to a shower head and to let the bathtub extend to cover your body. The overflowing bathtub will transform your bathroom to a spa look. Just imagine that you are relaxing in a unique underground bathtub and the water is coming from a small fountain beside you. Such a feeling will let you relax and forget the whole world.

The real meaning of uniqueness and luxury will be reality at your home when you get a translucent blue bathtub.This bathtub will give you the feeling of hot springs because it is equipped with Jacuzzi and built-in jets to let you soak your whole body in the water and get the utmost feeling of relaxation. Such a bathtub is made of light blue acrylic to give your bathroom a breathtaking look.

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