5 Perfect Bed Styles for Small Bedrooms

Choosing a bed for your bedroom is not an easy matter. Chooseing a bed for a small bedroom is even more difficult. You have to take into account the size of your room and the other pieces you are going to put in your bedroom. So imagine how difficult it would be to choose a a bed for a small room that is already crammed up with other things. Here we will help you choose a bed from various styles that suit small bedrooms.

1- The most evident choice that comes to mind when choosing a bed for a small room is beds fitted with under-bed storage space. These beds might offer you a valuable storage space but you will still need a wardrobe and a dresser. Therefore, it does not really help you manage without a wardrobe.

2- Cabin beds are a good choice for your kids’ small bedrooms. Cabin beds are raised less than a meter above the floor (so they will not hurt your child if he falls from them) and are reached by a ladder. It is fitted with a hanging-bar wardrobe, drawers and shelves.

3- High sleepers are raised about two meters above the floor, thus they are suitable for teens. They are fitted with a study or a computer desk, a wardrobe, shelves and drawers, making them the perfect solutions for teens’ small bedroom. Here you have the room attached to your bed, sort to speak.

4- Another good choice of beds for small bedrooms is wall beds. These beds are attached to the wall so that you could lay them down when you need to sleep and fold them to the wall at daytime.

5- A good solution inspired by Japanese civilization is fouton beds. These beds – or rather mattresses – are easy to clean, and put away. Spread a fouton when you need to sleep, and fold it and put it in your wardrobe when you wake up. These bed styles will help you save your small bedroom space while enjoying all the luxuries and appliances of beg bedrooms.