5 Smart Designing Ideas for Narrow Kitchens

To design a kitchen is not an easy task since kitchens are always abundant with different utensils, pots, plates and gadgets that need to be organized and kept in appropriate positions. When a kitchen is small, a complicated problem arises. However, this is how it is nowadays in many flats and compact houses, small kitchen space. Here we provide you with simple ideas that can be very useful in designing small kitchens.

1- Use bright colors. When designing a small kitchen it is preferable to use modern colors, for example, white, off-whites, or ivory. Such bright colors make narrow kitchens looks wider.

2- Go for strong lighting. You should choose a place for your kitchen where windows are on each side. Let natural light go through your kitchen, which will create the feeling that you have more space.

3- Try having a kitchen island. If you can maintain a small kitchen island with light coming from above you will save more space in your cabinets and provide you with much needed place to work in.

4- Use hangers. Do not store your pots and pans in the cabinet, but hang them above your kitchen island. This way you will have more space in your cabinet and you will make it easier for you to reach your pots and pans. Moreover, you will evoke a warm and comfortable atmosphere in your kitchen. Ladles, wooden spoons, even herbs are no exception; they can be hanged if your hangers have a space for them.

5- Store some of your kitchen tools. Getting all your kitchen appliances out will bring forth clutter everywhere, and clutter is one thing that we must work against in small kitchens. Clutter would make your kitchen looks narrower and vex you as well. In order to avoid cluttering, keep smaller appliances inside the cabinet. Get them out when using them, and then store them back inside your cabinet once you are finished with them.

These were a number of easy ideas that you can utilize to make your small kitchen appears wider and to save more space as much as you can.