5 Things You Should Know about The Amazingly Popular Swedish Style

Swedish Style is an old décor trend that has regained its popularity nowadays. It is considered one of the earliest modern decor styles. It dates back to the time of World War three, but it became really popular at the 60s and 70s of the last century, the it disappeared for a while to resurface these days. This style was started because of the lack of materials, but nowadays it is favored because it combines style and beauty with affordability. Here are few things you should know about Swedish Style:

1- This style has started at the time of World War three. At that time Frensh and traditional décor ruled the world of design and furniture. However, with the start of the war, the materials needed for furniture were used to either prepare for the war or fix the damage that resulted from it. This is why the furniture was simple with no complicated patterns.

2- This design depends on the principles of simplicity, cost effectiveness, comfort and futurism. The materials usually used here are light colored wood (maple, pine, oak), metal, light linens and vinyl.

3- Wood is the main material used here. You will find it used in beds, wardrobes, chairs, tables, vanities, and even floorings. You have to remember that the places where this style has started are cold throughout the year and wood helps in preserving temperature.

4- The prominent colors here refer to this style’s cold place of birth. Greens and blues in light shades can be used here. You could also use the faintest accents of pink, ivory and grey.

5- We always have to remember that this is simple modern decor. So decorations and ornaments should be as few as possible here, or in short: less is more. So a painting in bold colors or a simple rug should be enough.

So when you decide to furnish your room in Swedish style, remember the guidelines mentioned above. All you need is simple clean lines, and simple clean colors.

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