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5 Things to Do If You Want a Designer Bathroom but Have a Small Budget

Designer bathrooms look stunning and gorgeous. However, they are extremely expensive. Well, it is understandable since they use all these expensive materials. So what can we do – “we” meaning the majority of population who has a small budget – to have a designer bathroom with the limited funds we have? Here are some few helpful tips to give your bathroom a stylish look without maxing out your credit card.

1- Replace your shower curtains with glass sheets. The old plastic shower curtains are ugly, hard to maintain and clean, and will ruin how your bathroom looks. Replace them with glass sheets. They will not develop mold and stains like glass curtains, and they will give your bathroom a sleek look.

2- Instead of getting marble tiles, which are very expensive, get Vinyl tiles for your bathroom flooring. They are quite affordable and are easy to maintain and clean.

3- Get the right design for your bathroom vanity corner. Do not think of the vanity as “something with a mirror above it”. A vanity with a good design might just be the thing that your bathroom needs to deserve the “designer bathroom” labeling. It should be equipped with cabinets to store whatever you need when you are in the bathroom, like bath oils and salts.

4- A common advice for anyone with a limited funding seeking high quality pieces for any type of furniture, much less bathroom’s is: hut for sales! At the end of each season, there are usually sales on furniture so look for these sales as you might actually find great luxurious pieces for your bathroom.

5- Pick the right decorations to accessorize your bathroom. Since that it is the little things that matter, and the little things here are the right accessories. a small potted plant, some colored candles or even few colorful towels can make a world of difference.

Getting a designer bathroom might not need money as much as it needs right planning and action. So apply the little tweaks we have just mentioned on your bathroom and you might find that it looks better than a designer bathroom.