5 Tricks You Have to Do to Give Your Living Room a Gorgeous Rustic Look

The decor styles you could choose from to remodel your living room are many. Some of these décor styles are traditional, some are modern, and some are what you could call a mixture of both. Many people prefer rustic décor for its beauty and simplicity. Rustic style gives your living room a warm and cozy feeling. We shall tell you here a few things about rustic décor if you are planning to decorate your living room with it.

1- Rustic decor derives its beauty from simplicity. You will find that the materials are left in their original condition. There is no smoothing of wood or priming and lacquering of materials with an assortment of chemicals. Everything is left the way god has created it.

2- Living rooms decorated with rustic decor give you a cozy warm feeling. You will feel like you are have entered a hunter’s cabin in some fairy tale when you are in a rustic style living room. This is why this style is sometimes called hunter style.

3- If your living room furniture has a “timeworn” look then it is definitely rustic. Furniture made of rough wood and wicker pieces are definitely necessary here. The covers and fabrics should also convey a feeling of the past. Even tablecloths and pillow cases are made from rich cotton canvas and decorated with needlework.

4- As for ornaments and decorations, you should scout antic shops. Look for things of the past, like lanterns, candleholders, small wicker baskets etc.

5- Certain pieces of furniture are a focal point in rustic furniture. For example, most living rooms decorated according to rustic style have a stone fireplace decorated with framed pictures of loved ones and candleholders. The ceilings in a rustic living room are also decorated with wooden beams that draws your attention as soon as you enter the room.

Rustic decor is stylish and gorgeous. It shows up the natural beauty of materials and make your house cozy and beautiful.