6 Futuristic Space Saving Kitchen Ideas

Your small spaced kitchen will be considered as a stylish and inviting place in the future because the designers are working on amazing projects to solve that problem. If you need to read about some of these projects, keep reading the article, imagine, and enjoy.

One of the futuristic functional and small space kitchen solutions is the Kitchen Works in a Drawer. Such an appliance is a portable stainless steel plate to let you prepare and warm food, a stovetop to cook your meals, a mini-refrigerator, and a dish drawer. Such a portable complete kitchen can be tucked anywhere to save more space if it is not used. The foldable kitchen will be another great addition to your small kitchen as it includes preparation areas, a fridge, cutting boards, and a cooktop, in addition to the storage area. When this mini-kitchen is not used, you will be able to fold it like a jackknife and store it anywhere.

The cupboard that doubles as a table is a futuristic kitchen that is design with deco influence to be used as a stylish cupboard and a table at the same time. Another incredible futuristic storage space is the 360° Columnthat can hold your entire kitchen needssuch as cupboards, drawers, the oven, the refrigerator, the cooker, and the worktop; then, it conceals them when they are not used.The futuristic cooking table is designed to be adjustable and can be placed in the kitchen at the cooking time and can serve as a computer desktop and an extension to the dinner table.

The remote control island topwill save more space in your future kitchen as it hides a sink and preparation area in addition to the worktop inside. You can display these areas pressing on one button or using your remote control.

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