6 Luxurious Fireplaces for Modern Living Rooms

Having a modern living room doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice the warmth of the fireplace. You can find modern and innovative modern fireplaces to give your living room the same luxurious look of the traditional rooms. This article will provide you an idea about the modern designs for your luxurious fireplace.

The best way to add a warmth and luxurious look to your modern living room is to install an innovative fireplace. For example, you can install a Big Flame fireplace that is made of stainless steel and looks like a candle flame. Such a fireplace is operated with ethanol to let you avoid the harmful smokes and hated odors. If you haven’t a separate space for your fireplace, you can purchase a stylish fireplace table that will give you a huge candle-like light in addition to a double level surface. The fireplace of this table is also operated by bioethanol fuel.

The real luxury in your modern living room will be achieved by the fluid fireplace that looks like an open wound incorporated to the wall. This decorative piece of art will enhance the visual look and feel of your living room. The clean and chic glass cylinder fireplace will gather the charm of the traditional style with the luxury of the modern look in a nice way into your living room. You can place this fireplace at the middle of your living room to give it an illusion of a spacious look.

The lamp-like fireplace may look like a low floor lamp with removable components such as a small pocket with sticks inside. Another way to add a luxurious look to your modern living room is to install a floating steel fireplace that can hover a few inches away from the ground to give your home a whimsical look.