6 Reasons Why People Must Have Curtains

Some People think that curtains are just pieces of fabric used to cover windows to protect you from the prying eyes of the neighbors (well, you could install frosted glass for your windows). This is very wrong. We are going to show you some of the reasons why people need curtains.

1- Curtains are easy to make and this is one of the reasons why people underestimate their importance. Choose a design you want in a fabric you like, and then some sewing and cutting to prepare that part of the curtain from which you will hang it and voila, you are done. You can add some frills, attach some beads or add some decorative needlework to make the curtains look better, which is easy all the same.

2- Curtains control the amount of light you want in your room. Sometimes you want the room filled with light. Some other times you want the room dark for an afternoon nap, or want it with just enough light to allow you to watch TV screen comfortably. No tool will help you with this but curtains.

3- Curtains are great insulators. Insulated curtains preserve the temperature of your room. With them you will be able to reduce electricity wasted on heating and air conditioning. Insulated curtains are also affordable and easy to make.

4- Curtains are great for decorating your rooms. They are the final touch that makes your room a whole lot better, or brings it all down. Choosing the right design that is suitable to your room will make it gorgeous.

5- Curtains are great sound proofing tools. Sometimes you cannot do much about the noise especially if you are living in a big city. However, using curtains will help a lot at lessening the noise you could receive. There are many other reasons why people have curtains. We have only mentioned the most evident of them. Choose your curtains tastefully and make sure they match the design of the rest of your house. You can even make them yourself and you will have a great time thinking of a design and making it real.

Pics Via : bebardc