6Magical Touches to Transform Your Modern Home Inspired from Ernesto Garcia Interior Design

What are the features of your dream home? Are you dreaming with a waterfront, a high-tech, a luxurious, a stylish, a highly functional, or a retreat home? Try to forget the dreams and apply features of your dreams into your existing home.

The simple and clean-lined elements create a restful feel in your modern home, but you can add an eye-catching look using a few rich elements. You can define the elements you need from the East Coast home designed by the team members of Ernesto Garcia. The bathrooms have a breathtaking sink made of lace-like handmade crystal, a high-glossy marble floor with black inlay, handmade golden mirror frames, mosaic tile rug details on the floor, mosaic panel on the walls, and an inspiring vanity with a velvet stool.

Your living room should be a true reflection of your lifestyle. The multi-functional sofa and coffee table in the Fountain Hill home remodeled by Ernesto will inspire your imagination to apply new ideas in your existing living room. Such a multi-functional sofa has a console table with a combination of glass and wooden shelves and drawers at its back to maximize the storage spaces in the place.

Similarly, the coffee table with several heights will consume less space and provide you a spacious surface during the family gatherings. You can still bring a touch of classy look to your modern living room using an eggplant velvet sofa or an upholstered curtain valance.

The architectural designs in your modern home ceiling can provide the place an unmatched look. Ernesto Garcia and his team choose the location of the reading nook in the Argentinian ranch modern home cleverly under the round shape of the ceiling to create a harmonized room division.