6Ways to Set the Style of Your Home Inspired from the Works of Jeffrey Douglas

The color, materials, lighting options, floor and window covers, focal points, and technology are the most effective elements in your home d├ęcor. When you intend to decorate a new home, you can simply use such elements to define your desirable style.

In your modern home, you can use neutral tones with metal or colorful accents in addition to your favorite wall textures and patterns to provide the place a stylish look. In a modern Toronto home, Jeffrey Douglas and his team use abstract paintings and area rugs along with black and white surfaces and patterned focal point walls.

The team members use natural materials such as cotton beddings glossy wood furniture, natural stone countertops, and white leather-covered seating to enhance the organic feel of the place.

The natural and artificial lights have a great effect in your modern home, as they provide the place a fresh and airy look. You can install floor-to-ceiling windows, solar tubes, skylights, or considerably large windows with translucent glass to make use of the natural light and outdoor natural plants.

You will certainly use ambient and task lights in your modern home, but the accent lighting options will provide the place the intended mood. The rolling roman shades or blackout curtains with suitable colors will enhance the airy look throughout the day and provide you the needed privacy as per you need.

If you need to create a traditional style in your home, you should create a warm look using dark shades and rich colors in addition to warm and luxurious lighting options. You can provide such a traditional home a larger look using round furniture pieces and area rugs, built-ins, open shelves, and patterned wallpaper with a combination of rich and light colors.