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7 Unique Pillow Designs to Refresh your Home

Your bed can be the focal point of your bedroom as it is the largest piece of furniture in the room. Such a focal point can be enhanced with the details of the headboard or the beddings including your pillows. Such pillows may have different designs such as whimsical animal or food shapes, high tech designs, or educational designs.

The ice cream sandwich pillowwill be a perfect accessory in your whimsical looking bedroom as it has the shape of a chocolate ice cream sandwich with a fluffy design to give you a comfortable feel. This pillow will be perfect in the hot summer nights as it will give you an inner fresh feel. The inedible fruit pillow can have the shapes of different fruits such as green apples, watermelons, orange, and citrus slices of lemon to let you choose your favorite fruit. You can find handmade pillows of this kind to add more authentic look to the place.

The high-tech pillow will let you listen to the audio sounds you need to let you relax and sleep comfortably. This pillow is wireless and safe; so, you can sleep fast and comfortably. The musical vibrating pillow can let you listen to your favorite sounds without waking your partneras it use the technology of vibrations to the skull. The inconspicuous privacy pillow is considered as a safe hideout for your valuable documents and money because it can be still sealed till you open it.

If you need to create a vibrant look in your bedroom, you can use a psychedelic galaxy pillow that has NASA galaxy photos or moonlight shapes. The vivid abstract pillow can let you be safe as it will lightat the dark. The optical illusion pillowhas textile graphics and geometric colors to attract the eye directly to your bed.

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