7 Wonderful Lighting Fixture designs to Refresh your Home

Whatever the theme you choose for your home, you will find lighting fixtures that will serve as decorative accessories to enhance the theme. You can decorate your home with different themes such as sea creatures, food, pillows, or animals to find amazing matching lighting fixture options.

If you are decorating your home with the sea creature theme, the jellyfish lighting fixtures will be ideal in different rooms of your home. This lamp is made from 300 t0 400 meters of ribbon and can be pendant or table lamps to give your home a realistic andexotic feel. Similarly, the touch mushroom LED lamps will give your home a wonderful look as they have rounded base to be firmly placed on your side table or coffee table to serve as a lamp, a speaker, and an MP3 player.

If you prefer the food theme in your kitchen or even in the functional rooms, the stinky vegetable lamps can be a perfect choice. You can find garlic or onion lamps with green hanging cords to give the place a realistic look. The scoop of ice cream inspired lamp is another option that has a whimsical and wonderful look and can add a fresh look to your home. The caffeine inspired lamphas the shape of an upside down cup; so, it will refresh you with its look every morning; especially if it is hanged on the ceiling of your bedroom or kitchen.

You can find different wonderful lamp designs to blend with your different themes. The spongy pillow lamp can serve as a comfortable pillow and a white glowing lamp in a safe way. The mini cask inspired lamp is a small lamp that has the shape of a barrel made of wood and steel to match the style of the room.

Pics Via : kuwans