8 Crazy Table Designs to Refresh Your Home

Your home decor needs a regular change to refresh the look of every room regularly. That change can occur with minimal pieces such as adding a few accessories, changing the color of the room, or replacing pieces of your furniture. You can replace your old table with an unconventional one and you will feel the fresh look of the place.

You can add a liquid mercury table that has natural fluid patterns because of its clear and high quality materials. The woven table has a crazy design using different colors and textures woven together to bring the classic look to your setting. The glowing table uses LED colorful lights under the glass surface to give your home a decorative look. You can begin this project using crazy colors to add a vibrant look to the place.

The airplane wing table has a crazy design that is made from jet’s rudder and mirror polished edges and decorated with LED lights to give your home a stylish look. Another crazy designed table is the glass foosball table that is made of stainless steel, aluminum, and glass that can be customized to give the place an unconventional look.

The mix and match marble table is made of unexpectedly different materials including natural stones and wood. The square root table is made from 10 pieces and handles bumps to grab the attention.

The pebble table is made of circular glass; thus, it allows you to look through the surface and see what is inside the table has whimsical shaped accessible storage spaces to remove the clutter or display your valuable items.The exterior of the table has a minimal and interesting look to decorate the room. All of these crazy table designs will refresh your home and decorate it in an unconventional way.