8 Unique Modern Sink Designs for your Bathroom

The functional and decorative sinks come in different designs and sizes to blend with the theme of your bathroom increasing the interesting look of the place. You can install the think that will match your theme the everlasting sink that will blend with any theme in your modern bathroom.

You can install a crystal encrusted sink that includes stone collections and handcrafted marble pillars. The inner part of that sink is made of amethyst to give the overall kitchen a unique look. The wing wall sink is made on the shape of wing or swipe with a flowing design to create a smooth feel in the place. The umbrella holder sink is another unique design that looks like the inverted umbrella with different colors and electric looks. The base of such a sink can be illuminated to change the usual look of your bathroom.

The horizontal drain sink has an innovative design with horizontal integrated siphon technology to allow water go through the hidden pips. The sink can have an underneath vanity if you need a storage space or can be alone to give the place a clean look. The pump pedal sink has an adjustable design to match your bathroom size. The sink comes with stainless steel andgloss black finish and the pedal will shift your sink up and down to give the place a unique look.

Your modern bathroom can still look amazing with a mollusk shaped sink. The sink is handcrafted and can increase the value of your bathroom. The sport car sink looks like the clean sports car and comes with similar toilet to be the focal points of the place. You can give your bathroom a colorful and functional look using the temperature sensitive LED sink that will give you and your children particularly an alarm that the water is hot or cold by changing the color of the sink.

Pics Via : thewowstyle