9Decorative Ideas You Should not Afraid From by Jane Lockhart

“Interior design has always aspired to capture the height of beauty, mix it with function and cloak it in luxury.” Says Jane Lockhart who will share you her ideas to create personal designs and enhance the aesthetic look of your home.

If you have an open design or a large living room, don’t be afraid of using large sectional, especially if your family members and expected friends are more than four. In your laundry room, don’t afraid to use stainless steel backsplash with quartz countertops, as they are easy to clean and will provide the place a unique touch of sparkle.

Even if you have a small space apartment, don’t be afraid of using black or brown furniture with light surrounding. Jane Lockhart uses a black round breakfast table and cedar chairs with glamorous back to create a contrast in the place. Don’t afraid to apply the same idea in your bathroom because the dark base drawers and upper cabinets at the sides of the mirror with light floor and wall tiles will create a perfect airy and balanced look in the place.

You can provide your bathroom an airy and spacious look using a freestanding bathtub along with crisp white countertops. If you haven’t glass windows in your kitchen, don’t afraid to use cabinets with pure glass doors and powerful inside and under cabinet lights at the sides of your focal point cooking area.

Decorating your nursery is not only about color but also about artworks. Don’t afraid to use neutral colors in the nursery, but make sure you will use amusing and educational artworks that you can change according to your baby’s age. In your own bedroom, don’t afraid to use colorful lampshades if you are not used to read before sleep time, but the white lampshades will spread pure light and protect your eye.