9Stunning Ways to Enhance the Functionality of Your Modern Home

Increasing the actual or visual space and using multi-functional furniture and plenty of storage spaces are the traditional ways to enhance the functionality of your home. However, you should design such functional pieces professionally to provide the place an aesthetic look.

In your modern home, the high-tech appliances and even furniture will create an ultimate functional look. Peter Feinmann and his team members use steam shower with a waterproof control panel and glow-in the-dark tables around the home to enhance the functionality of the place.

You can install open shelves in different parts of your bathroom to store or display your towels, candles, body and hair cleaning products, and artistic pieces like the Belmont bathroom renovated by Peter Feinmann and his team.

To enhance the functionality of your home, you should fix the defects of the place and organize its components regularly. For example, you can install wire and laminate pantries or adjustable cabinet organizers in your cabinets along with lift up upper cabinet doors and sliding panel base cabinets. In your old bathroom, you can re-grout the tiles or install faucets with control panels or high-tech faucets with integrated soap dispensers to enhance the functionality of the place.

If you prefer the open plan design, you will provide your home a spacious look enhancing its function at the same time. In Lexington, MA, Peter Feinmann designs a warm and inviting open floor plan using a multi-purpose dividers such as a closet with open shelves to store and display artistic elements. Instead, you can divide the different areas in your home using a half wall with boxed columns or a gypsum wall with geometric shaped openings to display your accessories. This way, you can reduce the number of windows and make use of their places providing the place an airy and decorative look at the same time.