Achieve Your Dreams and Remodel Your Kitchen with Kathi and Don Fleck Guidelines

“Renovating doesn’t have to be a frustrating, costly, and altogether headache-filled process,” says Kathi Fleck of Lone Star Property Solutions. Kathi will share you a few ideas, tricks, and tips to turn your kitchen to your dream space.

For a successful kitchen-remodeling project, you should repair the basic damages such as water damage, drywall cracks, and foggy windows. It would be better to repair such defects regularly, especially the water damage because it will affect the whole kitchen whenever you postpone it.

If you will hire professionals to remodel your kitchen, you should define your budget and the changes you need to create and try to use an outdoor kitchen or to let the professionals begin when you are out of the home. If you have interior design skills, try to find the inspiration of your remodel, design the place with your personality and needs in mind, and consult a professional whenever you need to avoid serious mistakes.

The serious challenge in your kitchen remodel is to decide when to stick to your plan and when to be flexible and take new decisions or apply extra ideas. Such new ideas and decisions may cost you extra money and time; so, you should be ready for such urgent needs from the beginning of the project.

If you are not a fan of regular change, try to use timeless design trends that will stay power for long years. For this, Kathi recommends the U-shaped kitchen design with built-in pantries, quartz or neolith countertops, and stainless steel appliances to enhance the clean, functional, accessible, and natural look of your kitchen. Kathi and her team apply these ideas in a Dallas transitional kitchen providing the place plenty of innovative storage spaces and a backsplash wow factor.