Achieving the Ultimate Metallic Look With 7 Easy Steps

Metals are among the things that have the most enchanting colors. People have always used metals – like brass, bronze, gold and iron – for accessories and ornaments. Now metals are not just used to decorate people, they can decorate places as well. It is common now to see decor accessories in metallic tints. Here is how to get it.

1- Metals are recognized by their smooth look. Therefore, un-grain whatever you are going to paint in metallic colors. Clean it well and sand it with sandpaper until it is perfectly smooth.

2- Get some spray paint. Use something that covers surfaces nicely. Rust-Oleum spray paints cover surfaces smoothly and you can sand them easily in case of mistakes. Make sure you use a good brand to get a good result.

3- Now this might seem strange, but you will need sanding to get the metallic tint. To achieve this use sandpaper. Sanding blocks are even better for this. They are used between coats. Blocks with higher grit designation numbers are good for polishing and will give you better results.

4- Give the thing you are painting a moderate coat. Moderate does not mean that the coat barely covers the surface but it does not mean that it will drip paint either.

5- Let the surface dry for an hour then sand it with circular strokes. With this step, you are making sure the surface is perfectly smooth and that the spraying is flawless.

6- Repeat what you did in step 4 and 5 until you are sick of it! Nobody said this was easy. Consider it a workout! Or do it twice a day for a few days. The more you do this, the better the results. After about 10 times of doing that the surface will look nothing like its original state and you are really closing up to the magnificent result.

7- Do not sand the surface after the final spray coat. After the last coat, polish the surface well with a washcloth.

This may seem like a lot of work, but doing this yourself will save you a lot of money. Now you could give that gorgeous metallic tint to anything you want.

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