Add Five Star Features to Your Bedroom and Bathroom with the Help of Emily Stewart

Creating a peaceful look in the personal rooms such as your bedroom and bathroom can turn your home into your favorite retreat. To create such a peaceful look, Emily Stewart of Montgomery Roth Interior Design team will help you inspire the applicable features of five-star hotels and apply them in your coming bedroom and bathroom remodel.

Sleeping in a dramatic and cozy space is helps you sleep deeply and enhance your mood every morning, but the open space feel is an ideal touch to add five star hotel features to your bedroom.

The large and wide windows, glass sliding walls, large balconies, and single floor option in the whole space can easily blend the indoor and outdoor features in your lovely bedroom. You can apply the same idea in your bathroom installing glass doors and mirrors along with glossy surfaces like such an Apogee bathroom.

The modern technology can blend with your modern and traditional bedroom. To enhance the stylish and five star look of the place, you can add lighting pillows or bedding, a TV incorporated bed, or even remote controlled window treatments. It’s important to place a painting at the eye level in the way leading to the bathroom and the halls in general to provide your home a special uniqueness.

Even in your small sized bedroom and bathroom, you can add a five star look using 3-in-1 furniture pieces such as a flowing console table that can serve as a desk and a nightstand. It will be a great idea to add dimmers and LED lighting fixtures, waterfall or lavish standup shower, eco-friendly fiber or high-end marble floor, or a spacious spa-like bathtub to provide your master bathroom a five star touch.