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African Safari Bathroom Curtain Ideas

Designing an African safari bathroom indicates that you have an adventurous nature. This style can be enhanced using your bathroom fixtures and accessories and completed by the matching curtain. This curtain’s fabric and color should go with the safari style adding more beauty and function to your bathroom.

When you look at your African safari bathroom curtain, the color will be the first noticeable element.The natural, organic, and earth tones such as taupe, khaki, pale gold, red ochre, earth green and tan colors with giraffe, cheetah, leopard, alligator, or zebra spots will set the safari style in your bathroom in a subtle and tasteful way. However, if you need a bright bathroom, don’t be afraid to use a yellow curtain that will resemble the African desert sand. Such a curtain will block a little amount of light to keep your bathroom airy and sunny.

The fabric of your bathroom safari curtain should combine the look with the functionality. The heavy fabrics such as canvas or faux leather are the perfect choices for the safari theme. However, your bathroom curtain should resist any mildew or dampness. You can choose a waterproofed solid colored cotton shower curtain with animal printed window curtain and vice versa to avoid overdoing the look. The curtain accessories such as rods, raffias and rings with zebra spots can go with this solid colored curtain.

The savanna golden brown or deep red curtain will enhance the warm and relaxing mood in your safari styled bathroom. If you like to refresh your bathroom more, you can install a periwinkle blue or a jade green curtain. The most important criterion in your safari bathroom style is to spend amusing time and to relief your body and soul when you look at any piece of your bathroom including the curtain.

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