An African Safari Dining Room Design

Are you fascinated with the African scenes? Do you love the warm feeling while having your principal meals with your family, friends, and guests? If yes, you will be very satisfied with the African safari design for your living room that will bring the warm feeling of the African desert to your dining room.

The African safari styled room is warm, lovely, and casual. The color of the wall should reflect the African desert accentuated with animal leather shapes. The ceiling can be covered with a plaster recess and stained paper along with African hardwood or Brazilian cherry to give the room a nice natural color. You can decorate the room using wicker baskets, small sculptures for the popular African animals, a few framed pictures, and a gorgeous chandelier on the shape of the palm trees.

The patterns on your dining chairs are countless according to the shapes of the African animals. You can decorate your wooden dining table using functional items such as some colorful facing down dishes arranged in an artistic way and made of wood, potter, clay, beads, or leather to allow your guests turn them over when needed. Your regular used dishes can be stored in a woven plate holder mounted on the wall. The table linens printed with the African animals’ leather shapes will spread the warm and friendly feel in the room.

The tribal chair and tea table at the end of your dining room with a nice vase that has some African flowers such as impala lilies and leopard orchids in addition to a few stools beside the room’s window will enhance the theme. The stone fire place beside your dining table is able to spread the warm feeling into the room. The solar roman shades on the window with a facing mirror will allow the adequate natural light enter the room and save your energy.