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African Safari Living Room Ideas

If you love adventures, beauty, and calmness of nature, you will certainly enjoy the safari theme in your living room. Such a theme can be an encouraging start for a conversation with your friends and guests. You can design your safari curtain using natural materials or you can use a premade curtain with African safari colors and patterns.

The heavy fabrics and textures such as canvas, animal faux leather, forgo, or even bamboo roman shades will enhance the safari theme in your living room and will block out the harmful sun rays.In addition, you can use frozen animal leather or real banana leaves with the African jungle safari theme. These fabrics will give unity to your living room when they blend well with the room’s rug in addition to the table and seating coverings.

Your safari curtain colors should create harmony into the room. You can use any shade of brown, beige, mocha, sand, green, muddy red, or black to resemble the colors of African animals and landscape. These colors will make your living room inviting and warm. If you can get curtains with small animal prints or pictures such as the leopard, cheetah, tiger, elephant, zebra, giraffe, or crocodile, your living room will be more fantastic and inviting to your guests from the first glance.

For the summer season, you can install a safari brown sheer grommet top with animal prints to let the air and natural light refresh your living room. To get a vibrant look, you can mix and match different prints in one curtain. Your curtain color may match or contrast the colors used in the room to create certain moods. For example, the brown curtain will go with the beige or golden brown walls and will contrast the purple wall nicely.

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