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Air Curtains with Magnetic technology

Dedicating the modern technology to provide you ultimate protection and comfort is the real motive to invent the air curtain. This curtain is made to purify the air, provide suitable temperature, and reduce the cost of electricity. Here is some information about benefits and kinds of such a curtain, in addition to the way it works.

The air curtain is an efficient way to keep hygienic atmosphere in your home, restaurant, company, or office. That’s because it will prevent all kinds of pollutions such as dust, insects, and bugs from penetrating into the place. This kind of curtains will save your money, because it is multi-functional. It can serve as an air conditioner producing cold or hot air according to the current season. The air curtain can reduce considerable amount of electricity while working as an extraordinary beautiful curtain.

The air curtain’s technique is very accurate. It can produce an invisible stream of cooled or heated air and create an invisible wall of air to isolate the inside from the outside air streams. However, there is a slight difference in the techniques of the recirculating and non-recirculating curtains. The recirculating curtain can produce a continuous airflow between the discharge grill and the receiving grill; so, the same air is used again and again. On contrary, the non-recirculating curtain brings a new filtered and irregular airflow.

The air curtain rails come in different sizes, colors, and designs to fit the curtain and match your room.  These rails have many types, but all of them consist of brackets, clips, rings, and taps. The auto-glide electric rails are ideal for the high ceiling spaces because they can hold the heavy and long curtains.

This kind of rails is provided by a timer and a remote control to open and close the curtain from a considerable distance. The pendant rails have magnetic closure lock to hold the whole curtain at the close position. Another interesting kind of rails is the shower curtain rail that is made of stainless steel to be cut according to the size of the curtain. You can find other kinds of curtain rails such as the metal and fixed pleats rails.