4 Amazing Digital Kitchen Utensil Designs

Your ultramodern kitchen needs high tech and digital utensils to help you cook easier and faster and decorate the place at the same time. Such digital utensils will do many tasks instead of you to let you feel that your life is better. This article will give you an idea about some of these utensils.

If you don’t have time to prepare your launch, the F3D food printer will be a great addition to your kitchen. All of what you need is to load the edible items in the right place to let the printer discard the unhealthy items and give you a tasty and healthy launch at the end. You can even serve your food in the same dish to save more time. The printer can give you healthy food with attractive and funny shapes to please your kids and amuse your guest.

You can still show the eco-friendly side of your personality in your ultramodern kitchen using energy efficient and green utensils and appliances. The BB little garden will be the best way tobring that green life to your kitchen. Such a garden comes on the shape of three pots attached to a glass C-shaped workspace with LED set of lights. You can plant herbs in this garden to use them while cooking. The digital health promoting plate will store all of your sanitary information to let you avoid the harmful food. Such an amazing dish is made of glass and has a pie chart with different colors and symbols to show you the good and harmful portions of your food.

The amazing taste testing spoon has sensors to tell you the exact portions of your ingredients to let you avoid tasting the hot food. The spoon can define the missing ingredient at an icon on its handle and show you the perfect way to improve the taste of your food.