5 Amazing DIY Original Ideas for Decorating Vases

Vases are that one accessory most thought of when you are thinking about something to place above a table. However, Vases are not just to accessorize your tables, they are also good for trying a simple DIY project and displaying your creativity and taste. Here are some Amazing and original DIY ideas for decorating vases.

1- Transform an old boring vase into a gorgeous exquisite coin vase. Paint the vase in black acrylic color. Spray the coins filling your jar with a metallic tint like brass, silver or gold. Then glue the coins to the vase’s surface to make this most beautiful and easy-to-make vase.

2- Get a usual tall cylinder vase, then get some glue and spread it on your vase with a brush. Sprinkle some confetti glitter on the vase and make sure it covers all the glue. This simple but stunning vase will look lovely in a feminine bedroom.

3- The ultimate sleekness is defined by gold dipped vases and they are even easy to make yourself. You need some ceramic cheap vases (or vessels and containers to be transformed into vases). Cover half the space of your item with a painter’s tape, then spray it with gold spray paint. Let the paint dry out and remove the tape so that you could go ahead and say: “wow!”.

4- Balloon vases are another DIY pieces that look funky and beautiful, and they are unbelievably easy to make. You need some small plastic bottles and containers and some balloons. Pull the balloons (like a sweater) over the bottles so that the open end is on top.

5- A yarn wrapped vase will look lovely in a kitchen and it is amazingly easy to make. Here as well, spread some glue on a cylinder tall vase with a brush. Then wrap the vase with a natural wool yarn thread.

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