5 Amazing Ideas for Choosing Pillow Patterns and Colors

Pillows are great accessories for your living room and bedroom. They add a cheerful touch and greatly change how the room looks. However, when putting your plan of accessorizing the rooms with pillows to action, you are faced with the limitless variety of choices. This can make your plan more overwhelming but we will tell you some amazing ideas for choosing pillow patterns and colors.

1- If you have a large couch, use two pillows for each end, one solid and one patterned. Contrast the color of the solid with that of the couch. Use colors from both the couch and the other dominant colors in the room for the patterned.

2- Group the pillows. So do not put a lone pillow on one side of the couch and three of four on the other side. Try to put two on one end and two on the other and make sure each set has different pillows.

3- If you are into striking bold patterns, use neutral colors for these patterns. Neutral colors are beige, white, yellow, cream, black etc. These colors will make the bold prints easier for your eyes to perceive.

4- For more gorgeous effect, vary the size and the patterns of the pillows. Varied sizes and patterns mean that each one of your pillows will give the room its own distinct flavor.

5- Do not be intimidated by the large variety of patterns. Also, do not fear using different patterns and colors. Just make sure that they have few elements in common like color.

Pillows are among the most commonly loved accessories in any room. They are fun to look at, fun to choose, and even fun to make (as many have stated). Accessorize your rooms with pillows and enjoy your time doing that just like how your guests will enjoy admiring them.

Pics Via : decorlove