5 Amazing Ideas for Cleaning and Maintaining Laminate Floors

Many people choose laminate floors over hardwood or tiled floors for many reasons. Laminate floors come in several stunning designs at an affordable price. However, like everything else they need regular cleaning and maintenance so that they would always stay as shiny and beautiful as when you first go them. Read how to take care of your laminate floors with some amazing ideas.

1- So you have kids who practice their artistic talents with crayons on your laminate floors? Or maybe you dropped some of your new nail polish while trying it on the laminate floor? Do not worry because all you need is some alcohol and a cleaning cloth and you will be able to rub the stain clean.

2- Some stains are hard to remove without damaging your laminate floor, like chocolate, juice and wine. Use ammonia and water to remove them.

3- Vinegar is a good cleaning substance for almost everything. However, with laminate floors it can be tricky. Use vinegar diluted with water (one cup of vinegar to a gallon of water) to clean your laminate floors and make them shiny. Do not use vinegar excessively though because it will damage your laminate floors.

4- Some laminate-floor manufacturers recommend that you avoid using water and detergents for cleaning laminates all together. For cleaning laminate floors, use cleaners made especially for laminate floors like Bona or Bruce floor cleaner.

5- Some laminate-floor owners say that when cleaning laminate floors use baby shampoo with water. However, do not use water excessively and make sure you wring the mop well when cleaning the floor.

With regular and proper care, even floors as cheap as laminate floors will look as gorgeous as natural stone floors.

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