Amazing Ideas to Remodel Your Walk-in Pantry

Having a walk-in pantry means that you already have a large storage space for different kitchen supplies. However, you may need to remodel this pantry regularly to accommodate your new storage needs providing your kitchen a clean and stylish look.

You may need to evaluate the location of your walk-in pantry, as it should be near your cooking area to let you find your items easily and quickly. At the same time, the pantry should not obstacle the way of the functional areas to create a flowing look in the place. You may need just to organize your pantry in a different way to enhance its storage efficiency. For example, you can install new shelves with different heights according to the items you intend to store. Try to organize your items according to their expiry date or the regularly used items.

Actually, you can store different items in your kitchen walk-in pantry like pastas, sauces, jams, cookbooks, dry juice, food containers, cleaning supplies, food mixers, washing machines, irons and ironing boards, and kitchen utensils.

Try just to make sure that you will store dry food or the food items that don’t need a fridge. The cleaning supplies should be away from your food, as they can spoil the flavor of your food. You can even store the cleaning products the closed boxes at the bottom of the pantry to keep their odors away from your food.

In addition to remodeling the function of your pantry, you can change its look creating contrast or harmony inside your walk-in pantry. For example, you can keep the natural look of your pantry shelves and paint the walls and ceiling inviting colorssuch as the attractive red and white or brown and golden colors. Using mirrors inside this pantry will add a new dimension to the place.