Amazing Ideas to Turn Your Home into a Spacious Haven by Kristy and Martin Kropat

Whether you have a small or a large living space, you can still create a spacious heaven, as you use innovative storage spaces, less furniture, and personal elements. Kristy and Martin Kropat will share you a few tricks to turn both of the large and small spaces into a spacious heaven professionally.

“Small-space living forces you to be organized… and not a pack rat,” says Kristy Kropat who prefers the innovative designs, materials, and colors. For example, Kristy uses blue and cream large-scale patterns and a platform bed with large drawers below to serve as a complete closet. Now, you can place the bed with its storage space at the center of the room and let your kids play in such a spacious space.

In the living room of the same home, Kristy and her team members install a double duty corner bookcase and a coffee table with pullout shelves to keep the clean and organized look of the place and install colorful lights above the bookcase, wide-plank ash floor, and colorful lighting options to enhance the spacious and aesthetic look of the place.

Actually, the power of color and light help Kristy Kropat create spacious and dreamy spaces
Even in your large space, you need to keep your home clutter-free and bright to create a unique heaven.

In an ocean front residence, Kropat Interiors team members design a retreat bedroom placing the modern crisp white bed at the center of the room facing white dimensional wave tiles and the floor-to-ceiling windows to let the homeowners forget their life stress and enjoy the outdoor ocean views. For example, Kropat recommends the bold colored pillows, wallpaper, accessories, and colorful LED lights in white and black or brown interiors.