Amazing Kids Jungle Room design ideas

When it comes to choosing your kid’s room décor, then nothing can beat jungle room decor. Given below are some tips that will surly help you to create a jungle and adventure zone for your child. If your child is an adventurous boy and loves animals, do a jungle or safari theme.

First of all, paint your kid’s room all over with palest green, using a normal white for the ceiling. Actually we mean you have to paint the walls a jungle green color and paint some trees. Using different colors and painting a mural around the room of jungle animals are great ways for creating a dream jungle.

You can enhance the jungle environment by using a lead pencil or some chalk and draw your leaves onto the wall. To facilitate the process of drawing, use a simple arc to shape your leaves. Try to draw three or four smaller leaves in one or two corners from the ceiling rim down.

To create a dramatic effect, buy some flowers and place them into a pretty vase then put the vase on a side table. On the other hand, if you want to save your precious time, you can purchase wallpaper that is a jungle theme and make the decor jungle too by getting a jungle bedspread, headboard, and artwork.

To create a harmonious ambiance, then you need to use many different shades of one color as you can do a border around the room either on the bottom, the middle, or on the top of the room. Ignite your creativity through using animal wall stickers in your kid’s room. To add life to your kid’s jungle zone, add some real house plants.

Use a custom jungle mural. Custom murals can be a Tarzan-like figure, living with the wild animals, or an intrepid archaeologist like Indiana Jones. Get inspired by eyeing the next images about amazing kids’ jungle room design ideas.

Pics Via : themerooms