Amazing Kitchen Countertop Mixed Material Design Ideas

The new kitchen countertop and island top can greatly affect the overall look of the place.If you can purchase natural stone countertops, it will give your kitchen a luxurious look and need more money, while the wooden countertop will be practical and inexpensive, but will have less attractive look.Why do not you think to mix two similar materials to give the place a vibrant and inviting look?

The mixed material countertops will certainly save your money, as you will mix expensive and inexpensive materials such as engineered quartz with maple, marble with walnut, and granite with reclaimed wood. Such materials will add a functional value and visual interest creating a balance in the colors in your kitchen. In addition to these benefits, you will be able to divide your workspace according to the different materials of your countertop.

Your countertop can include a pullout additional workspace made of wood to let you chop the vegetables or even serve food. Such an additional part can be made of wood ore quartz according to the material of the main countertop. The marble surface can be interrupted with wooden parts to create a balanced look in the place.

You can incorporate metallic parts in the design to separate the different materials and create a visual appeal to your modern countertop.For example, you can use a marble workspace for pastry preparations, a steel surface for ‘wet work’ and a butcher block for chopping and knife work.

The right design is extremely important in the kitchen countertop mixed materials,as the different parts should fit together like the jigsaw puzzle. Try to make sure that there are no openings among the parts of your countertop and to create innovative shapes to attract your guests’ attention and feel that this place really belongs to you.

Pics Via : hit-decor

Pics Via : decosee