Amazing Living Room Decorations with a Sport Theme

If you are a sport fan, you will find your comfort and relaxation in your sport themed bedroom, but you will be more comfortable if your family members and friends are supporting you. You can decorate your living room with your favorite sport and team’s color and logos to show your own personality in such a functional room.

Decorating the walls of your living room with the right colors will let your guests read your personality from the first glance. Actually, you have different options for your sport theme wall and you can choose what will blend with your living room design.

You can add a wall mural to the biggest wall with a picture of your favorite team members or even their famous goal. Instead, you can paint the four walls the main color of your team with matching accent colors or wallpapers on the boarder of the walls.

If you prefer to practice a certain sport, you can highlight that kind of sport in different parts of your living room. For example, you can paint the wall a football field or basketball court. The round seating furniture with round area rugs with balls or fields will greatly enhance your theme. Try to install the large flat screen at an apparent place to let your family members see the important matches; especially if you are one of the players.

The sport accessories such as throw pillows, framed pictures, and wall arts can be chosen according to the color and design of your certain spot type. The right lighting fixtures will keep your living room calm and relaxing and will enhance the theme of the room. You can find table lamps, light switch covers, floor lamps, and wall lamps with your exact sport team color and logo to reveal the amazing look of the room.