8 Amazing Soda Bottle Cap DIY Functional and Decorative Projects

After you open a bottle of soda, the first step you usually think about is to throw away the cap to get rid of clutter. The good news is that you can create a unique decoration in your home using a collection of such caps in addition to your creativity and innovation.

After collecting a number of different sized bottle caps, don’t be hesitated to design a retro wall clock using hands of a clock, equal sized sticks, and a large cap at the middle with small soda bottle caps around. You can ultimately change the look of your home tables using different patterned caps stick by white cement or glow. The same idea can be applied to a wall panel to create awesome artistic shapes on the wall.Moreover, a collection of such bottle caps can form decorative frames to your pictures, mirrors, and even windows.

If you love the idea of hanging notices on the fridge, you can do it in a decorative way using bottle caps. To begin this DIY project, you will need to hang the paper on the fridge using a small magnet covered with decorative bottle caps. Additionally, you can use such bottle caps to organize and store your cosmetics and small accessories giving the place a decorative look.

The artistic crafts will need more skills and accurate work to result in well done artworks. For example, you can design a wee pie tutorial using bottle caps, pie crust colored felt, seed breads, and clear glue. The result will be a pie-like piece if art that can be a perfect decoration to your kitchen and dining room.

The similar intricate bottle caps can serve as a tray or temperature isolator to protect your countertops from the hot utensils. These ideas may inspire you to discover new usages to similar unused items.