Have an Amazing and Unique Furniture & Save your Environment

Do you love our nature? If yes, then why are you destroying it?!! . Tropical rainforests are being destroyed on a daily basis and we just say it’s for progress. A simple way to oppose this is buying authentic recycled teak wood furniture. By this you will help saving the environment also owning a historical piece of furniture and sharing it with others.

Recycled furniture like teak wood helps a lot in reducing the request for rainforests. Imagine that we have used about half of the forests in the world to get wood. In the next 3 decades consuming global wood is expected to double. To sum it all rainforests are called the world’s lungs, no more needs to be said. So for the sake of the next generations help saving them please just try even by passing the knowledge.

Teak wood is strong and durable so recycling it is a great idea. A lot of secondhand furniture outlets are under your nose especially the ones that have a retro vintage design tag. Those pieces are one hundred percent recycled from a nostalgic period which is collectable and it will look wonderful in your household with a Midcentury decor.

Previously mentioned furniture can be untouched or refurbished which will look better than new items (mass-produced). eBay and local classified are examples of sites that you should follow so you can find stocks of high quality pieces to enhance and brighten your house which are offered by retailers and it will cost you very much less. But before you get your stuff online make sure that the vendor is genuine. Choose one who belongs to a reputed organization like the USGBC or the National Wood Flooring Association.

If you are a friend of the environment and want furniture pieces that prove it, recycle furniture is your way to achieve that. They are made of wood that came from the warehouses, mills, wooden dams, barns and grain elevators of the 19th century from all over USA. Recycled wood has its magic which is transported into the furniture that made of it. That furniture is great for all settings and it has a unique old look and also costs a lot less.

This furniture can be shelves, granary console, desks, wood mirrors, beds, and side boards. Get them from secondhand outlets or online and with some personal touches you will have a unique decor that costs a small amount of money and an environment friend.

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