Amazing Ways of Paneling your Traditional Home with Bead boards

The bead boards are durable strips or sheets made of PVC, wood, plywood, or MDF to protect your walls giving them an elegant look. These strips can blend with your modern home, but they are widely used in the traditional homes, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

You can install bead board strips or sheets to any room’s ceiling and walls in addition to the backsplashand island of your kitchen, the bathtub in your bathroom, a built-in bookcase headboard in your bedroom, a mudroom coatrack, and a reading nook beside any window.

Your kitchen cabinet can be made of the same material to be resistant to the water. The bead boards will certainly blend with any home décor, because they you can paint them different colors or be white according to your preferences.

Using bead board strips or sheets, you will save your money and time as they can replace the wall tiles and are easy to install to different heights. Such sheets will create a grooved surface and you can stain or finish its surface several times.You can use contrasting colored bead boards in the formal places such as your living room as this will create a cozy and sleek feel in the place. The ½-inch bead board panels can be the light colored frame and can serve as a window trim and the contrasting colored panel will be certainly larger.

Such bead board strips and sheets will bring warmth and elegance to your traditional home apart from their color or size. In addition, they are impervious to moisture and insects, easy to clean and maintain, and does not require any protection. In short, the bead board is a perfect addition to any room in your traditional home.