Amazing Ways to Decorate Your Home with Colors and Patterns Inspired from the Works of Margarida Oliveira

Your choice to the colors and patterns will affect the look of your home and your mood at the same time. The suitable color pallet and patterns should match the style, size, and theme of the whole house to create a sense of harmony in your life.

In your modern or transitional home, the grey and white walls will be a great base for tender, exciting, stylish, and restful looks. In Caledon, Margarida Oliveira and her team decorate a restful home using walnut floor, dark grey walls, patterned curtains and throw pillows, an elegant chandelier with ceiling spotlights, and glass surfaces.

To provide the place a pop of color, Oliveira and her team use blue and green paintings, framed pictures, and accessories. To create fun and feminine feel in the home office, the designers decorate the place using white built-in bookcase and tray ceiling, mauve walls, and patterned seating.

To decorate a formal room, you can create a chic and inviting look using a combination of harmonized colors. For example, you can use tan color with golden accents along your guest room to create a luxurious and comforting look. The green plants, natural flowers, chinoiserie printed bamboo curtains, and dark green beddings. Similarly, you should keep the dining room as simple as you can, as you can use a large framed picture on the wall or a couple of antiques along with the neutral colored dining table and chairs.

You can still create a patterned retreat in your bedroom painting the walls wide strips of different shades of grey just like such a Mississauga bedroom. To refresh the look, Oliveira and her team use blue throw pillows and accents, yet you can choose your favorite color to personalize the place.