Antiques Furniture – Tricks to Spot Antiques from Vintages! !

Challenge the experts: a couple of tricks to spot antiques from vintages! ! Wood productions can be quite tricky to identify and label. If you are looking to accent your home decoration, then you will definitely consider getting some antique piece from here or some vintage piece from there. As antiques and vintages are always a good idea to add sophistication and elegance to any house whatsoever, some clients started getting cheated on regarding the quality and the true history of certain pieces of furniture that came out to be not of much value after all. This article is dedicated to those who love to stand out from the crowd and buy themselves valuable furniture.

You will not be tricked again as we are here to teach you the tricks and secrets of antiques and vintages. A true antique is a piece of furniture that was manufactured one hundred years before the purchasing date. A true vintage is a piece of furniture that was manufactured from a decade ago up to ninty nine years ago. So a vintage chair, for instance, could be manufactured in the nineties and it could also be manufactured in the 1910s and of course what comes in between is included. So how can you differentiate between them on sight?

Antique pieces were hand made, they were of great quality yet they weren’t flawless; as a matter of fact they are what is considered imperfect. Furniture was hand carved up until 1860s when the machines were introduced to the industry. This is the reason behind the flaws which can be easily spotted in antiques as they were not machine-cut, thus not identical. Old antique finishes were made with wax and oil and later with shellac. It was not until the mid 1880s that lacquer and varnish replaced them.

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